The certification system for sustainable forest management PEFC (Pan European Forest Certification) is based on international resolutions that were adopted by 37 nations in the pan-European Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (MCPFE) (Helsinki 1993, Lisbon 1998). 


The utmost goal of PEFC is the documentation and improvement of sustainable forest management particularly with regard to economic, ecological and social standards. 

Governing Bodies

26 national PEFC governing bodies are members of the PEFCC (Pan European Forest Certification Council). In addition to 16 European countries, Canada is represented by the Canadian Standards Association and USA by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and American Tree Farm System. 

The PEFC is also supported by the following extraordinary members from the following lumber industry, timber trade and landowners associations:

FEBO - The European Timber Trade/ Retailers Association

FEBO - The European Timber Trade/ Retailers Association

CEI Bois - European Confederation of Woodworking Industries

ELO - European Landowners Organisation

CEPF - Confederation of European Forest Owners

UEF - Union of European Foresters

FECOF - European Federation of Community Forests

USSE - Union of Foresters of Southern Europe

ENFE - European Network of Forest Entrepreneurs

Motivation and benefits

Use of the PEFC logo - a credible chain of custody certification

Excellent marketing instrument

Increased customer satisfaction due to assessment from independent evaluators

Prevention of use of products causing lasting damage (biocides)

Improved quality of forest population

Cost savings potential with the process costs of logging





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